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Oct 24, 2002
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I've had my Philips 32pw9525 tv for over a year now.
The picture has always been good but the alignment
was too far to the left.
I have now sorted the problem.
Type in "062596i" on the remote and it will display the
service menu. Select Alignments and make your adjustments!
I used the THX Optimode thats on some dvd's to adjust mine
but a word of caution - jot down the original setting numbers
in case you make a pigs ear of things!
Are there any 9607 owners on these forums who have tweaked the geometry of their sets using the Service Code listed above.

If so, any chance you could share your settings for :-

normal geometry
4/3 geometry
Superwide geometry

and does anyone know what 100hz geometry is ?

I may be wrong, but due to the complex way tv's are adjusted
during manufacture I don't think that the setting levels would
be the same on every tv.
It wouldn't do any harm to try someone else's settings though.
Just remember, it could distort your picture all to hell!
Very true. The settings for geometry, convergence etc. will vary for each CRT, even if they are the same make and model.

Emulating someone else's settings could give you worse results than you already have. Although as bowenjones says, you could try someone else's settings out of sheer curiosity.

It would be more beneficial to call in a service engineer if you really don't know where to start.
100hZ geometry as its name suggests is the geometry on a 100hZ picture...

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