Philips Garbo


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Hi, saw it at the recent Manchester show and it looked very nice - the noise level, or lack of it, was impressive. List price I think is £2000 - not sure what the street price is - given that the Panasonic AE100 with the same resolution can be had for less that £1000 now I'd go with the AE100. If you want to spend more money then I'd demo the Garbo against the higher resolution AE300, Sony HS10 before making a final decision.

Cheers, Phil

Paul D

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I also saw the Garbo at the Manchester show.
Chris Frost from these forums was doing the demo.

The show conditions weren't ideal for me to give an opinion, but i can vouch that the fans were nearly silent.
I think if Philips could get the price down to AE100 levels then the Garbo would be the better buy.

If memory serves me right, the lowest price i have seen it going for was about £1600.


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Unless it was on the grounds of price, I can't think of any reason why anyone would be considering the PTAE-100.

The PTAE-300 and Sanyo PLV-Z1 are better for little extra cost.


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Have seen the Garbo for £1200, how does this compare to the AE300? Have only seen the AE300 available form Japan, not too sure about importing one as return costs are high if the unit is faulty. Think I'll have a few demos:)

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