Philips functionality on Pioneer or Panasonic?

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    I'm not sure the title totally covers my question, but here it goes:
    I'm currently in the Netherlands (PAL system) and I only have an NTSC TV. I'll be moving to Colombia soon where they use NTSC. I also have a high quality external PAL <-> NTSC converter.

    I'm looking for a unit that I can use as a tuner in the Netherlands (watching PAL programs on an NTSC TV) and in Colombia (watching NTSC programs on an NTSC TV) and that can record in both counties.

    I've been playing with a Philips 725 for 2 days now, and I really like the feature where I can pause any live program without having to record it first. It has a 3 hour rolling buffer for this. The Guide Plus system does not seem to work at all though. It will load the info, even change the channel when programmed. It will just not record anything at all... weird.

    The main thing that I miss is an NTSC tuner. As far as I've been able to find out I can get an Panasonic E85 or a Pioneer 520 with dual tuners (PAL/NTSC) in the US. While that will address my desire to use the unit as a tuner in Colombia as well, I'm afraid I'll miss out on the possibility to pause live TV since I can't find any info on such a feature for both other models.

    Does anybody know if this feature works on the Pioneer or the Panasonic as well? Or is anybody aware of a Philips 725 with NTSC and PAL tuner?

    Thanks for your help,

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    I can't help you with most of your stuff, but I would do a forum search on Philips
    DVD recorders. Many people have had endless problems with them. Pioneer & Panasonic are much more reliable, but I don't know if they will meet your needs.

    The person who you really need to speak to is Rasczak, but I think he is a way
    for a week or so. If you don't get any luck try later when he's back.


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