Philips Fidelio L3 Bluetooth Headphone Review & Comments


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There are quite a few headphones now where the sound is not compromised with anc. The best is Airpod Max.


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Very interesting review. However, just one technical point about a statement made in the review. This relates to the Sennheiser Momentum Wireless (the M3). The M3 can work without active noise cancelling engaged, via a rocker switch on the right ear-cup (which is also used to enable the passthrough mode). It was the second generation of product (the Momentum 2) that had always on noise cancelling when it was used via bluetooth.


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Well to quote myself from the 'NEWS' post(NEWS: Philips launches Fidelio L3 ANC headphones):

Nobody here on the forums yet who has these headphones?

Well I do :D
I just picked them up a week ago from a retailer in Belgium. And I do like them quite a lot to be honest. I am comparing them with the Sony MDR-XB950N1 and Bose NC 700.
And I have to say they do sound lovely, they compare very well with the Bose quality wise and built quality wise I tend to favor the Philips in this regard.
The Sony's are no comparison to be honest, but that was expected as those are in een different class altogether but I have those here at home because my boyfriend has these.

The app of the Philips is quite minimal, and is not always 100% stable on my phone(Samsung S21), it takes often quite some time to load. But I have to say it's quite intuitive and clean looking.
And no there are no extensive Noise Cancelling options as with the Bose NC 700, but it does work quite well.
The headphones themselve do already quite a good job in reducing noise from outside just by isolating, and with the Noise Cancelling engaged it does quite a good job.
I am no expert by any means, but it doesn't feel like it does a worse job than the Bose or the Sony.

Something which I dislike(not by much), is the fact that is does only support the Bluetooth protocols SBC,AptX, AptX-HD, and AAC although those sound suffice, but it would have been nice to have also LDAC(I know it's Sony's, so it's unlikely, although Panasonic seems to use it) which could give some more options.
I also have to criticize here Samsung, which is a whole different story of course, for just only supporting AptX and not also AptX-HD because to be honest you can hear some nasty compression when listening to music on for example Tidal, on some material.

Connecting the headphones by jack does give a better sound, but due to the fact that Samsung removed the 3.5" jack and you have to use a USB-C to 3.5" plug(which I do not have :() I can't test on my S21, but on my S10+ and laptop it does give a better sound.
That was my own personal 'review' :)


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By the way something what I found a bit strange in this review, there is mentioning of the biggest competitors of this Philips Fidelio L3, the Sony and Bose...

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