Philips DVP630/05 - Picture "Squashed" with DivX

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    Have just purchased a Philips DVP 630/05.

    Problem with picture “squashing” when replaying “Home Theatre” DivX encoded movies.

    The player is adjusting the on-screen aspect ratio as though the original was 720x576. When in fact the DivX encoding has already correctly set the aspect ratio to 16:9 using Dr.DivX Home Theatre settings. This results in a very “squashed” picture.

    On my 26” 4:3 TV screen (Yes I'm saving for a plasma!) the picture is squashed by over 1 inch top and bottom when compared to the original DVD playback.

    There does not appear to be any external adjustment for this on the player (have tried everything) …. I am guessing the player must be faulty, as I am sure that Philips would not sell a player with this as the norm.

    My other DivX DVD (Yamada) played these files with no problems.

    The Question : Is this the norm with this player? Or have I just got a bad one. Either way its going back, but I need to know what replacement to accept :)

    Thanks folks....

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