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Philips DVP3360 Mystery


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Hi folks, last time I was on here quite a while back I had some dumb questions that turned out to be overscan! Okay, hopefully this one's less of a dumb issue...

Philips DVP3360. Firmware version says 12-09-20-42, if that's relevant. Now, I don't know if this is the player or the TV (or a clash between them), so straight off -- it's a Techwood 37272HD 32" LCD. And it'll take 1080i HDMI input. And as per the overall budget nature of my setup, I'm using a very cheap HDMI cable that I'll probably upgrade if/when I have any money to spare (I'm terminally poor, me).

Anyhow, I have noticed a display GLITCH. And it's interested me enough that I've done a lot of testing and changing settings and comparisons, etc. I've narrowed it down. It doesn't happen on a 16.9 50hz image; it doesn't happen on a 16.9 60hz image; it doesn't happen on a 4.3 50hz image.

It ONLY happens if it's displaying 4.3 @ 60hz.

I get two small lines in the lower left of the 4.3 area. They don't appear constantly. And sometimes they're light against a dark BG, otherwise dark against a light BG... if the image has a lot of colour and it happens, it almost looks like this tiny glitch is a *negative* of the display.

Two pictures:



You can see the bottom left of the panel, the pillarbox, then the 4.3 area. The lines are about an inch up, and as you can see on pic 2, it's both light against dark and dark against light. They appear nowhere else; they never appear on a 50hz image; only 4.3 60hz, to repeat myself.

It's so specific, I can't believe it's a fault per se... but something's not decoding quite right?! What the hell is it? It's actually barely noticable and not a big deal, but I'd love to know what's going on. Anyone?!


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I'll answer this myself in brief, but it only adds to the weirdness. I'm in a messing around mood today. Finally I found a setting that gets rid of it, namely if I set the player to output just 480p, readjust TV to show it correctly, and the glitches are no longer there. I also can't note any particular difference in PQ, so I assume the TV's upscaling is much the same as the player's.

But still... what's causing it? Why would this JUST happen on a 4.3 60hz image when specifically output @ 1080i? When no other variation gives this? Sorry for rambling...


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Ah, no one I guess had a clue on this issue! :) But I wanted to add something else... because, I had never messed with the settings a whole lot till noticing this...

I can't see ANY difference whatsoever in the image if it's 480p as compared to 780p or 1080i. Not a PIXEL of a difference, looking right up close. Except, oddly, the latter two resolutions crop the image top and bottom by perhaps 1cm. (But why?!) Now I realise the TV itself will be upscaling input regardless, but I would expect some subtle differences... do the TV and the player have much the same hardware for the task perchance? Or is upscaling a bit of a ballyhoo? As someone who works with images in Photoshop a lot, I *know* you can't make an image literally better via up-sampling -- it's impossible -- at best, this tech can make an image look 'better' on a larger palette by rendering it intelligently rather than literally blowing up the pixels which would look disastrously BAD... so, personally I don't expect miracles with upscaling and I actually think the picture looks quite nice at a viewing distance (4 feet and beyond). But the lack of a difference is intriguing to me.

I guess this is another head-scratcher, but I'd be interested in opinions!

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