Philips DVP 720SA. Shocking lip-sync even with firmware


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Feb 7, 2005
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I bought my Philips DVP 720SA believing that it would be an excellent item, particularly after reviews.
But the lip-sync is terrible. It was over a second out on my Red Dwarf VI dvd, and it really ruins my enjoyment. :(
And its even worse when playing DVD-R's.
It also speeds up and slows down the image .. like watching in fast forward.
Tried various firmwares, all have benefits and cons.. but none fix it.
Emailed Philips, who said that I need to take it to a service centre as they cannot tell the problem.
Yet as this is a problem with what appears to be all their players, how will they fix it if even their firmware updates dont?

Can somebody please advise as to what I should do next?
Speak to Philips again? Take it to the service centre?

Any help greatly appreciated :lease:
Mine would sometimes mis-behave when I first got it and several other people reported similar problems so you're not alone. I upgraded my firmware a couple of times and I have now got the one that does dvd-a and sacd. I haven't seen it mis-behave now for a couple of months. Maybe you could try another firmware or just send it back and get something more robust.
Can you remember which version of firmware that was? Or where you found it?
Thanks for you reply :thumbsup:
I have found the link to the many different non approved firmware available for the phillips.

Sorry dont know how to underline that but i suggest you read the huge amount of posts so you can choose which is best. I used the latest i could find a link to. It turns off the annoying front LEDs and gives you dvd-a as well. I dont know how the firmware can fix an issue like this but it has worked now for about two months without a problem. Try it and let me know.

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