Philips Dvp 5100 - Divx Play Back Juddery


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I've started to notice that alot of DivX files when played through my Philips DVP5100 are juddery.

Is there anything I can do, i.e firmware update?

Any help appreciated by this newbi.


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NX3 said:
You need mpeg4 modifier to remove the packed bitstream on the the divx files before you burn them.

OK cheers, I've got MPEG4, what do I do just click on unpack bitstream and that's it???


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NX3 said:
Yup and then burn the new file and see if its ok ?

tried three files and :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Nice one thanx. Is this usually the case then, I ought to run them through MPEG4?


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Damn, I just posted in the other thread I was decided on the LG DVX9900H. But the Pioneer players look better quality, and if packed bitstream is easy to get rid of before you burn files it might be a better choice.

Still, I have a lot of old packed bitstream a new thing, so only recent files I'd have to muck about with, or is it likely to affect even older files?


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We have a Pioneer 470 (same as 575 fimrware wise) and LG players. IMO the LG have better menus, screen layout and plays things PB no worries and is cheaper!


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So some DivX players actually play PB's (no judder) without the need to unpack?


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My Tevion does too - it has a Zoltan chip in it which out performs most mediatek ones.

Get hold of Gspot to quickly check AVI files to see which has packed bits, GMC, QPEL, etc quickly.

If I've a directory or so of files I use MPEG4Toolkit, which is based on Mpeg4Modifier, but has a different interface including the option to batch process all files in a directory (copying them to a subdir, best as after all Mpeg4modifier isn't always perfect).

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