Philips DVDR890


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Two questions given that I know nothing about DVD recordable:

Can the Philips machine play multi region DVDs?
Can recorded DVDs be played on standard DVD players?


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Hi, Alan
Yes with a remote hack most dealers will do this for you on purchase. DVD+R and DVD+WR compatibility is down to the DVD player that is playing the recorded disc but the +WR and +R format is supposedly the most compatible. Most of the new DVD players should play them.


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The site maintains a list of compatible players allthough it's not exhaustive.

See here .

Looks like there are 3 versions of the Sony 725 of which only the DVD S 725P will play both DVD+RW and DVD+R media. The other 2 will play one or the other.

BTW, the site also has good and well visited forums, one of which is just for +RW recorders which basically means just Philips models at the moment.



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Thanks Michael, that is a very good site you have suggested. Been reading some of your other thread contributions about DVD+R and DVD-R, and I am with you, it has to be the +. Think I will go ahead and get the 890.

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