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Jun 17, 2002
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Hi ,does anyone know why the recorded video from the dvdr75 plays back in 16:9 on the Philips but only plays back in 4:3 on any other DVD player, even after putting it through TMPGenc DVDAuthor.
Just read a few posts on the subject ,looks like it,s the w/screen flag. What a flaw in this day of widescreen tv,s.
Yes in VR mode,its just that the dvd guidelines dont support this so DVD players play it back in 4:3 so you have to use zoom mode
so if i record from my sky box which is widescreen to my dvdr-75 then it should playback in widscreen formaton the dvdr 75..i think??

am i correct
um there must be something wrong with mine then as it dont play back in widescreen mode...?? would rgb have anything to do with it as i record from rgb but can only out put normal scart as i only got one rgb scart on my widescreen tv..

Wouldnt have thought RGB would make any difference, you have got it set to 16:9 in the menu i take it. I dont use RGB my self as I connect everythig through my receiver,s S-Video
yeah a little confusing i will have to play around i find that if i look at my sky picture directly linked to the tv it all looks fine, but when i look at the same picture travelling through the recorder the picture is squeezed up a little and does not look fully widescreen...i dont know why and also why it has only started happening or i didn't notice it before hand??

thanks for your help


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