philips dvdr70 (finalising)



I have a philips DVDR 70 working ok, except i'm having problems finalising
dvd-r discs when i try to finalise a disc (to play on other machines) it just
hangs, the screen shows "disc finalising" but nothing happens
any help would be apprieciated


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it says something about this in the back of the manual

put the disc in the drawer - leave the disc draw open

Hold 1 on the remote till the drawer shuts
Hold 2 ditto
Hold 3 ditto
Hold 4 ditto
Hold 5 ditto

cant remember which number does what - something like: 5 to finalise, 2-4 different compatabilty - 1 back to normal


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From the DVDplusRW FAQ:

"On Philips and Yamaha recorders, you might try the following procedure ... (from firmware version ff11 onwards): Open the drawer of the recorder and insert the corrupted DVD+R disc. Do not close the drawer! Press and hold the '4' button on the remote control of the recorder. The drawer will now close, and the displays shows "Finalize". The recover-operation (sometimes being refered to as 'Forced Finalize') now starts. This will take about 3 minutes. The recorder looks for the last non-corrupted table of contents, and uses that info to finalize the disc. After that you cannot record on the disc anymore but at least you may recover most if not all of the recorded content."

Sometime the normal finalising can take a few minutes as well.

Do not use the "5" button unless you know what you're doing: this makes the recorder attempt to recover a lost recording, which can take up to four times as long as the length of the original.

Edit: All this is assuming that you are using +R, and not -R as stated.


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Was having a similar problem with my Philips DVD520H because I was trying to save files that were too big for the disk. Unless you record at M2+ and not M2 its difficult to get a film to fit on a DVD. You have to allow space for the indexing and track info as well. Try saving at a lower quality or save shorter files and see if it allows you to finalize them.

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