Philips DVDR3507H please help!!!



sorry dvdr3570h.hi i have been trying since xmas to sort this out but am failing. i have 4 programmes recorded on my hard drive which im trying to put to disc. i am following the instructions and selecting the titles as it says but when i try to proceed it comes up that you cannot copy multiple titles (yet it has already told me to select the titles).

im sure i am missing something simple but ive already tried to copy from sky+ to disc and have given up on that. any help would be appreciated. thank you :mad:
Are you maybe exceeding the capacity of the disc?
How long is each title?
Unlike some other brands (our recently self repaired JVC dr-mh20 will do it) the Philips will NOT convert your hard drive recordings to a smaller format. So you can't squeeze two or three programmes onto a single DVD. Sorry. :mad: When our JVC failed we bought this Philips, and were not impressed by this and some other features missing, it was however cheap at GBP149
thanks for your reply. i have to say apart from the multiple copying im pretty happy with it. ive made dvd of my sons favourite programmes, ive put my camcorder tapes to disc and managed to put old vhs tapes to disc. But i am hacked off with so called philips support, they have assured me that i can do multiple copying, firstly telling me to buy different discs (which i did), then sending me out software to update which didnt make a difference. why wont they say the model cannot do it.

they have now told me to take it back and get another one and that there must be a fault. But if yours couldnt do it either then they must be fobbing me off. i wouldnt mind but it says in the booklet page 47 that multiple copying is possible.:thumbsup:
I suspect you've given the wrong model no in your it a DVDR3570H?
You didn't answer my reply to your post, if you're asking for help you need to read the replies and then answer them. :confused:

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