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    A few years back I purchased a Philips DVDR1500. It worked for about 6 months, then gave up the ghost. After repeated calls to various Philips locations I finally got someone in their Houston office. As soon as I mentioned the model number she said that I would be sent a replacement because of the known issues with this unit. I sent the old one in and they sent me a DVDR80/17. I worked for a little more than a year. Now it freezes up on playback and will no longer record. It will not even recognize the disk with the firmware upgrade and rebooting does nothing. It's toast.

    Since it is out of warranty Philips is basically saying "tough luck". I can send it in for repair or pitch it and buy a new one. Seems like Philips would go above and beyond since this is the second unit that failed in the same manner. I would even take a refurbished unit as long as they send me something that works. If I am forced to buy a new unit, it will NOT be a Philips. Perhaps a Panny or Pioneer (suggestions?).

    Has anyone else had these types of problems with Philips recorders?



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