philips Dvd recorder DVDr70 £169.99


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WOW! a bargain indeed! Like youself I use my Philips DVDR75 to archive stuff I want to keep from my Humax PVR, to be honest I really like my Philips despite all the negative attitude it seems to attract. Hopefully the new batch of Philips will prove more reliable than the older ones, I guess time will tell.


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I've deleted all comments that weren't directly relevant to the initial post.

Let's try and keep the thread argument free this time please guys ;)


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Originally posted by wokeye
Unfortunately they do not sell these in the crappy Safeway stores near me :censored:
Which are?

There a list here where you might get one, but it's not complete. I got one in Reading last week and it's not listed.


Without wishing to repeat the deleted comments,its worth pointing out that the new What Video has a 2 page special devoted to the problems and glitches of current Philips recorders as reported by readers.It may be worth looking at for potential buyers to see if their current set up in which they plan to add a Philips recorder is likely to experience any of the operational foibles(not really faults as such) that seem to be present on some machines.All the problems are given with replies from Philips themselves


Any chance Safeways is also selling DVDR75 or is it just 70?

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I was in my local Safeway’s on Wednesday, all gone!


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Not quite sure why my post was deleted but here goes again. (must have got caught up between two of the rants!)

I bought one of the DVR70 s from Safeway a couple of weeks ago and have been very happy with it. I’ve had no glitches so far.

It is very much a direct VCR replacement as it has only basic editing functionality.

It is great for archiving off Sky+ etc. Picture quality is good even on 4h per disk.

DVD+RWs are £1.50 each from PC World (much cheaper than my previous SVHS tapes) and playback fine on my Sony S7700 and parents Technika Tesco special !

The DVDR70 isn’t too hot at playback. Nearer the Technika than the S7700 but for £169.00 you can’t complain.

Only drawback is that it only has an RF pass through and no internal modulator so you can’t get a DVD picture or player control menu through the RF. Not that you should be using RF but I have it cabled through to a TV in back room.

At £100 cheaper than the highstreet this is great value if you don’t need all the fancy editing functions of a –RW / RAM system.

If you can get one from a Safeway with a petrol station you will also get 20p per litre discount. (Saved me another £12)

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