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    Hello all,

    I was thinking of getting this player for my little room this coming christmas.Everything seems to be right,good brand,cheap price,decent quality,multi region capable.

    However I've read one or two things that have put me off slightly;

    One word of caution - you can only change region code up to 25 times with this method, then it will lock to the 25th region code entered - this according to


    The Hack given on here does NOT work on DVD625 players currently sold in the UK. No doubt Philips have modified the design. If you are a UK resident and multi-region operation is important it's probably as well to avoid the DVD625 unless and until an updated hack is available.

    The hack for those who don't know is to input the code 9999 upon start up followed by the region code of the disc you wish to play.

    Could someone who perhaps has the player confirm if the above quotes are true and also does the code need to be inputted each time I wish to play a disc from a certain region?

    Thanks :confused:

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