philips DV5960 not recognising DivX files


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I'm not sure if this is Nero burning problem or the players....I've added a couple of avi (Divx) files to a multi-session dvd-r. My pc recognises and plays them all yet my dvd player will not recognise/show the added files. It stubbornly shows the two original avi files I first added to the disc.
Any ideas? I thought it would be any easy way of adding Divx movies to one dvd-r rather than saving them up and burning them all in one go.
Any help will be much appreciated!!


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I thought that might be the only way round this. Can't see why you can't have multisession though because this would also prevent you adding mp3s to a dvd-r. Pretty pointless unless its a Nero thing thats preventing the dvd player reading later added files.


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I looked on the AfterDawn Forum and this has been raised over a number of years. The general consensus was that only pcs can read multisession discs. This was one reply;

"The Solution is to Not make Multi-session disks as most DivX/DVD players Can Not read Past the First session of a Multi-Session disk....

If I were you i would just save up your Files till you have enough to Fill a DVD and then Burn them to DVD...."

Ah well, it was a good idea..........................


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Multisession is really just for CD and pretty unreliable on DVD. The only disc type to show any decent multisession compatibility is +RW, since after the addition of a new session, the previous ones are merged all together with the new one to give a single session.

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