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I have recently bought a philips DTR1500 STB and there are a couple of things I'm not sure about and wondered if anyone can help

1. I have connected my PS2 to the video in scart socket but cannot find it when I scan through the channels and have a DVD playing. Does the signal to the TV go through the ariel lead from the STB to the TV???

2. I have got the box connected to a Sony 14" TV and I'm a bit confused at to the format setting I should select If I set it to 16:9 I get squashed heads, if I set it to 4:3 letterbox the picture is narrow and if I set it to 4:3 scan & pan I loose about 1" off each side of the picture.

3. If I have the format setting to 16:9/4:3 letterbox I some times get a black band down the righthand side of the screen, this is more noticable on news broadcasts during the program the picture is OK but if it switches to some news reports I get the black band. I have spoken to Philips and they tell me its because the news report isn't in wide screen format. Has anyone else had this problem???.


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The Philips does not have a RF modulator so it can't generate an output via RF, it can only pass through signals that already existed from the aerial input.

A 16:9 setting will get you a distortd picture on a 4:3 telly, 4:3 letterbox gets you the whole picture in the correct ration but isn't really suited to a small telly so 4:3 p&s is the output to use.
Pan and Scan is that method used for decades to crop a widescreen movie when shown on TV or for the matter onto video.

Not seen the black band myself but I have read many posts from people who have seen the same thing especially on BBC news shows. This seems to happen on many TV's and STB's so I don't think it's a big issue and would probably be down to the mixing of picture ratios from the broadcast source and how the STB and TV deal with them.

Phil Ipps

Hi I wondered if anyone can help?

My little boy turned off my FreeView STB at the mains the other day (Philips DTR1500) and since then I cannot get it to power up again.

I have a rapid blinking red LED on the right hand side of the display.....then it glows steady and then a second red LED on the left appears alongside the other red LED.
This pattern keeps repeating itself.
I've tried all the methods in the handbook for starting up again but with no success!


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Not sure what sort of help you want. You can either send it for repair or buy a replacement. It's extremely unlikely that you'd be able to repair it yourself.


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If it was bought new then you have a warranty but it is an old design and has been replaced by more advanced models.

hanxslf posted this a few days ago to a similar request for help.
No guarantee it will work but should reset the STB to it's default mode although if the STB has been powered down during a software update it may be beyond self repair.

hanxslf said:
restore ''virgin mode'',as new out of box.


try this mate,

disconect power,
keep pressing '+' button while connecting power,
led will start to blink orange while red led remains on,
release the '+' button.
briefly press the '+' led is still on and the multicoloured led is blinking red.
enter code with remote 9900
once entered,multicoloured led is case of a bad code led stays red
wait untill the receiver re starts by displaying the first install wizard.

good look mate. this is taken from my dtr1500 manual and it worked on my own box

Phil Ipps

Thanks folks :thumbsup:

Tried all that I'm afraid and still no luck!

Ah well! I can always get another - they're cheap enough nowadays!

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