Philips DTR 1500 - reset?


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Purchased one of these a while back and set it up at home to see how it works before installing at my grandmother's house. Trouble is that when I installed it there I needed to manually tune the channels - couldn't see how to re-initiate the nice auto install setup that I initially experienced. Any ideas re how to do a factory reset?

Also, at my house all the 'usual' channels were available but I couldn't get ITV 1 or 2 when I tried re-tuning - any suggestions for why this might be - all other channels are nice PQ so I assume reception is OK.



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Further searching on the Philips site located the manual - this was not in my DTR1500 box for some reason when I received it!

Still interested to know if not picking up ITV1 & 2 is a common issue if signal is weak. Location is Southampton if that makes any difference???



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Just searched the house for the manual which as usual wasn't where it should have been:)

The various DTT muxes are broadcast using two different protocols. Those controlled by Freeview are broadcast with range and reliabilty in mind but those controlled by commercial interests argued for the right to squeeze as many channels as possible onto a mux even if that meant reduced range and reception.
It could be that reception in your area is less than perfect so you are getting most of the channels but having trouble with the mux that carries ITV. It may also be an aerial issue, a wideband aerial is a must to ensure the full reception of the various frequencies used to carry the DTT signals.


If you receive your signals from Rowridge ,the ITV multiplex is currently broadcast on Channel 52 - out of band for the normal Group A used for this transmitter and consequently you may not be receiving a sufficiently powerful signal, even though Rowridge outputs at 20kW.
However, now the good news - ITV from Rowridge will shortly be moving to Channel 28 which will solve the out of band problem with the aerial.
I think you can check on for further information .


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try this mate,
disconect power,
keep pressing '+' button while connecting power,
led will start to blink orange while red led remains on,
release the '+' button.
briefly press the '+' led is still on and the multicoloured led is blinking red.
enter code with remote 9900
once entered,multicoloured led is case of a bad code led stays red
wait untill the receiver re starts by displaying the first install wizard.

good look mate. this is taken from my dtr1500 manual and it worked on my own box :clap: :smashin:

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