Philips DCR 8111, picture going black while sound continues?


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I've been hunting around a number of sites and using a lot of google translations trying to find an answer to this, but no luck!

My cable provider has given us a Philips DCR 8111 box. At first I was putting it through my AVR (Denon 2311) and occasionally the tv (Sony KDL-40W4000) would just turn black, although the sound would continue. My only way to resolve this was to turn everything off and on again.

To resolve this I ended up connecting the cable box directly to the TV and having an optical cable to the AVR, which was working pretty well.

Now I have got a google tv to play with, which is between the cable box and the tv and again we are suffering problems where the screen blanks out and there is just sound.

I have the feeling that there is an issue with the syncing up of the pictures, where the TV does not know what resolution it should be showing the pictures in, but that is a complete guess, and I was hoping that someone here might know what is going on and what we can do to resolve this.

Thanks for any help


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You know the cause and, therefore the solution... Connect the cable box back directly to the TV.

Connect the other device(s) directly to the TV or via the AV amp if you prefer and switch AV inputs via the TV remote as required.

It seems likley to be a hdmi switching / handshake issue. Despite there being a spec. it seems that it can be (mis)interpreted differently by different manufacturers and give problems.


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I have the universal remote control, so switching inputs on the TV isn't an issue. But I wanted to have the Google TV inline with the cable box as it allows things like surfing and having a picture in picture. at the same time. Without the inlineness of it, that pip will not work.

Maybe I need to get in touch with the cable company and tell them that I need a new set top box from them, they have a few different ones...

Thanks for the reply


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Trouble is, it might be the TV being picky rather than the output from the box looped through another device...

The only UK cable company is Virgin... are you outside the UK by any chance? as I was going to point you to our Cable forum area but we won't have the required local knowledge.

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