Philips Cybertube+, an upgrade of the Cybertube

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    Philips have upgraded The Cybertube, and will now call it the Cybertube+, and it will be released in 24", 28" and 32" Widescreen versions.

    "SHOWCASING its leadership in the CRT technology research and product manufacturing, LG.Philips Displays launches three new Color Picture tubes to upgrade its Cybertube+ Product line for the TV market. These products are upgrades of the existing WSRF 28” and 32” Real Flat wide-screens and the new 4:3 21”RF/RCF Raster Correction Free. The Cybertube+ product line will also be extended by introducing a unique new product: the WSRF 24”. All new products show a variety of customer benefits on picture performance and design-in cost reduction for the TV set makers"

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