Philips BDP7500 - Floating Blacks and Image Retention?!


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I Seem to be getting image retention with my Philips BDP7500 and Pioneer KRL32-V, on dark screens. It can last for 10 seconds or so, and doesnt do it with all discs.I Also get floating blacks on occasion.The TV has been calibrated near as damned it without ISF, using calibration discs, and other sources HD and SD appear fine, admittedly some minor motion issues, but hey, every set has its problems. Ive tried various high quality HDMI's to no avail so ive narrowed it down to the Blu-Ray Player. Any Ideas? Oh The Philips Settings Are 1080/24 with deep colour set to off and black level normal. The Same problem Occurs with settings as Auto and Extended respectivley.
Thanks. :(


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Image retention is caused by the TV, not the player. Is it possible to borrow a friend's BR player and test with the same discs that caused the issue...


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In this case not it seems, i took the player to work and put it through various sets, lcd's and plasmas and im still getting the same issue with the same discs on every set. It looks like when VLC media player is struggling to play a file on a pc.

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