Philips, BDP3000 or BDP7300?


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Hi all!

I'm looking to buy one of these blu-ray players: Philips BDP3000 or BDP7300. There's only £44 difference in price, so should I just go for BDP7300? Also, that one comes with a hdmi cable and the BDP3000 doesn't include hdmi cable.

Other than the price and hdmi cable, what are the main differences on these players? Sorry if this is a stupid question, but im a newb with blu-ray :blush:


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7300 has much better build quality, also has 5.1 analgue output and abilty to play media from USB stick. Also has built in 2GB memory for bd live, features IMHO worth £44 extra :thumbsup:


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Hello i got the same tv like you lg 42LH4000 and now want to do that usb trick. can you help me :)? i have reading the forum and dont understand
Have a nice day ! ;)


I have 7300 and it's really easy to use and gives super quality picture. Also DVD scaling is done fine.

:thumbsdow BD-live:
The BD-live does work, but it loads files so slow and my modem can give 1Mbit data from web and that box doesn't download any speedy. It's really slow when downloading movie trailers. I'm not sure if the issue is in BD-live itself.

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I'm happy with my 7300, seems to be a quality bit of kit. An essential purchase if you've got a legacy 5.1 amp unable to decode blu-ray sound codecs.

Regarding running a video from the USB, all you need is an appropriate .avi file, put it on the root directory of the USB, plug the USB drive into the front of the player, access the USB option from the Philips main menu and away you go.

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