Philips 9976 and sales of goods act - help


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Hi all,

OK, here's the problem:

got a Philips 32PF9976 LCD TV (DVI-HDCP but no HDMI socket).
Was bought 2.5 years ago before HD Ready became ratified. Didn't know anything about it at the time and I did my research (wish I had gone for the Sharp afterall!)

The problem happens with 60hz devices via HDMI (mainly the Playstation 3 although it is likely to happen with the HDMI enabled Xbox 360).

What happens is - when running the device in 1080i mode via HDMI to DVI there is a flickering line at the bottom of the screen which is really annoying. 720P is fine, no flickering line just a 1" border around the screen.

The 360 appears to be OK using an analogue to DVI connection at 1080i.

Have logged a call with Philips and they have tested and confirmed that the problem is inherent with this model of TV and nothing can be done to upgrade a component or even the firmware. Ultimately they cant do anything for me (or anyone else with a 9976).

What is my course of action now? The only thing I can think of is to go back to the retailer (claiming the fault is inherent under the sales of goods act) but have tried once and they are meant to be contacting Philips but I know the retailer will shrug it off.

I feel cheated because, to me, the TV is not working as I expected it would do, and I have also found recent manuals/webpages for the 9976 that state the TV is HD Ready. I dont think 'HD Ready' should be part of the arguement though as it wasn't known when the TV was bought, and 60hz still shows an image. If the TV didn't comply with HD Ready I would expect it not to be able to show a 60hz image.

Any help would be very much appreciated as it's getting me down.
And please dont say stick to 720p as if I wanted to do that then I would have made sure I bought a 32" TV where 720p filled the screen.


King Louis

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If you believe that, as this fault has been confirmed by Philips as inherent, the telly you were sold was 'unfit for purpose'. And if you get no joy from the retailer, then perhaps dangling the threat of the small claims court under thier noses may make them take you more seriously.

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