Philips 9966 Plamsa or LG RZ37LZ31 LCD

Discussion in 'LG TVs Forum' started by swagger, Nov 6, 2005.

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    Looking for some advice , i have been looking at Plasma and LCD TV's for approx 6 months now and i am still getting confusing information from the stores.I am looking to buy a 42" plasma or a 37" LCD and the 9966 and RZ37 seem to be good options within my 2K budget.
    Really confused on the HD question as one store insists the Philips 9966 is HD compatable? ( not HD ready ) as it has a DVI connection , the other store insists it is not HD compatible with the new SKY HD service as the DVI connection is not HDCP and a web site states it is HD ready!.
    My preference is the Philips but i have been searching the forums and other web sites and i cannot seem to find a definite answer to the HD question even on the Philips site.

    I have been saving for a long time and don't wont to make a mistake which i will regret in the future when SKY HD comes along

    Please help.


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