PHILIPS 9965 Picture set up


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The default picture set up on the screen is the pits.
Has anyone got a good picture set up for sky ? If so please give me some help as i am wet behind the ears, new member & Plasma screen owner. Thanks guys


its not your setup its your set.
do yourself a favour and get an engineer out under warrenty and get him to agree with you that the pq is crap.
then swap your set for a panny pa20 or pw6 .
i did this after reading this forum. it took me 2 months of reading this forum to decide on a pa20 take maws advice!
i ditched my philips and have never lokked back since


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Is the pa20 really that much better ?
Does it have a seperate tuner box or built in?
It seems as though the pa20 is in short supply, the new version seems to stick out so far from the wall you could hang the washing on it



chriswynn: What is wrong with the picture quality ?




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I just find that I have to keep adjusting all the time, the quality of picture on different channels on sky does not help.
One minute I have progressive scan on, then pixel plus ( which seems better for dvd but not sky).

I change it so many times i end up going back to factory settings & start again.

Just wanted to compare others picture set up ie, colour, cont, bright, sharp etc etc etc


I've had a 37PF9965 for 2 months now. I agree, it is a slow process to get the best from this TV. However, I'm very fussy, and I took ages deciding which model to go for. It was basically between Panasonic and Philips. I was delighted with DVD performance right from the outset. Broadcast TV however was a different story. Mine is used as a family TV, as well as my home cinema screen for DVD's. To be fair, the screen is used more for TV than anything else. Also, the majority of our viewing is the main BBC / ITV channels. Sky+ pictures on BBC & ITV channels are average at best, and having a big plasma screen serves only to emphasise this. I'm sure Sky allocate the biggest bandwidth to their own channels, and leave what's left to everyone else. How else can you explain the fantastic picture on Sky News / Sky Movies / Sky Sports, as against only average quality on BBC etc.
Anyway, I had just about resigned myself to the fact that I might have made the wrong choice with Philips, when someone suggested trying Freeview. I had always thought Freeview was crap, and way inferior to Sky Digital, especially on a large screen. How wrong I was! I purchased a decent quality Freeview box (Sony) and decent scart. I was astaounded at the quality on all channels - far superior to BBC / ITV on Sky, and almost on par with the very best satellite channels.

Settings are as follows :-

Smart Picture - Personal
Contrast - 85
Brightness - 49
Colour - 45
Sharpness - set to minimum
Tint - normal
Digital options - movie plus mode
Dynamic contrast - OFF
Colour Enhancement - ON

PS - Might try RGB2VGA route to improve Sky Digital pq. Not sure if this is worthwhile or not?

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