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Philips 963sa and NEC HT1000

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by Gary Lightfoot, Mar 12, 2003.

  1. Gary Lightfoot

    Gary Lightfoot
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    Apr 6, 2001
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    Surrey. UK.
    I got the player yesterday, and connected it via component (30ft home made lead - will test against a bought 'high quality' lead next week) so that I would get a sharper image compared to s-video (which I'd been using via my old Samsung 709 DVD player).

    The image was sharper as expected, and after some tweaking, I managed to get a reasonable picture. I calibrated white/black level using TPM THX but couldn't fully set it up because the THX dropshadow test couldn't be defined. I had the same problem with that disk via htpc in the past iirc.

    Anyway, things were looking good until I noticed some banding type artefacts (posturisation?) in peoples faces in a PAL video.

    I then tried ST Generations (another PAL DVD), and found a similar, though less defined artefact in Zulus' daughters face during a panning sequence. Not impressed so far.

    The popsterisation isn't present via s-video, which appears better than my Samsung.

    I used those disks because I was in a hurry and they were to hand. Also, most of my DVDs are R1, and the machine is R2 by default (I'm in the UK), so I was quite limited...

    Today I tried the PAL progressive hack, and set the player to progressive with 'unprocessed' selected. The banding is now gone, though I haven't done a back to back with the interlaced output to compare image quality yet.

    I've reduced the sharpness down to reduce image harshness and mosquito noise, and have disabled true life and dcdi. Image is pretty solid looking again with no noticable noise. Not sure if TL or DCDI should be on or off though - more testing required I think..

    I'll try to make the machine region one capable tomorrow so that I can recalibrate it with Avia and try a few more (R1) disks.

    My first impression is that s-video is better than my old Samsungs s-video, and interlaced component is obviously better still, but with a banding artefact in some places. Progressive appears to be the better output, though it's early days yet.

    What have other Philips/HT1000 owners found, and what settings are you using?



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