philips 9617 VERSUS Panasonic TX-32PB50


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Sep 11, 2002
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Would like to get one of these but just not sure which one would be better for me?.
I have a amp and speakers so i can egt dts and dolby digital no probelm.Looking for picture quailty mostly and connectors (scarts) 3+.
If anyone has any links on these tvs or there opion on why one is better than the other please could they post here.
Thank you for your time.
I've got a 28PB50, which has some niggles, so I'm supposed to be swapping it for a 9617, but I'm having supplier problems. The problems I have are dodgy geometry, & bad picture & picture display, other than that the picture is excellent. What most impressed me was the sound, but if you've got seperate amp etc, this may be irrelevant to you. Have you considered the Philips 9527, which I believe is the same spec picture wise (pixel+ etc) as the 9617, but without the Dolby - you might save a few quid
Hi thanks for your reply yes i've had alook at the 9527 and your right about it.I'm very intrested in that one been to look at one today looks very good.
Will think it over and see if i can find some more info out on it .

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