Philips 9527.....I think?


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Oct 25, 2001
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I was in Comet the other day (Edinburgh) and they had the 32" pixel plus model - the one without dolby digital, speakers etc...I was wondering which tube this model uses and how it compares to the 9717...anyone know?

As far as I can see the tube didn't have the tell tale quintrix dots it also had a totally different on screen menu set up and there was a sticker on it that said "Matchline"? Any info welcomed...cheers

The 9527 uses both Quintrix F and Philips Cybertubes...

No dots means it has a philips tube :D

The TV is identical in spec to the 9617 apart from the dolby digital.

As far as I know, most 9527s should use a Philips tube now (they were only using the Quintrix ones initially).

I haven't seen one myself but I'm very happy with my 9617 despite the Quintrix tube.

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