Philips 9308 tube? (panasonic or philips)



Ok I am interested in buying this set. But I heard bad stories about the panasonic tubes in this set. I was told it was a good sad as long as you have the philips tube.

How can I check if there is a philips tube in the set, without opening the tv???


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Panasonic (MDDG) tubes have a small group of phosphor dots right outside the regular picture area, on either side of the screen. Philips (LG.Philips) tubes do not.

These dots are simply there for reference when calibrating geometry in the factory, but have turned out to be quite useful in determining which tubes are which. :)


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Interesting comment Zacabeb.

I had a look in the local Dixons you mean a single picture dot either side of the screen within the black border?

I noticed that the PD30 had these and also some of the Philips TV's, but not all of them. The Sony TV's didn't have them either.

Can someone have a look on their Philips 9618 to see if they are present?


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I have been looking at the 9618 for a couple of months now and after seeing around a dozen different sets can confirm they all have the older panasonic tube.

This said I still like the set - and contrary to most others on this forum prefer it to the PD30. Anyway, finally bought it last week (36") and apart from a crappy picture with poorer sky chanels am more than pleased with it. With a good signal the picture is fantastic - plus the wireless surrounds do a remarkably good job, no interference so far. Looked at the 9308 but really didn't like the nasty grill surround of the chassis, not a good looking set at all.

Cynthia 7

Thank you Hem, I feel happier after reading your post.

Last year I actually ordered the 36PW9618 but there was a ten day delivery wait so I opted out. Then seeing so many negative posts on this model here I decided to wait until they introduced a new model. I found out from this forum a few days ago they are not producing a new 36" CRT.

Today I went to Curry's (the only store with more than one 36" television in the area, Comet only has one). I had considered the Panasonic PD30 but didn't like it on closer inspection. I preferred the Philips to all the others, cosmetically, and picturewise. Philips is meant to be reducing the price of these models. Your positive post has more or less made my mind up to get it. Glad to hear too that the wireless surrounds do a good job.

Now I have to decide where to purchase this. I would take out a five year guarantee, preferably with Domestic and General as they give home service and, with the weight of these televisions, transporting them back and fore isn't an option.

Good luck to both of us Hem that we have a perfect Philips!


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Hi Cynthia 7, good to see you're closer to making a decision. I had been following your posts as you seemed pretty much in the same boat as me. Like you I was hoping to see a new Philips 36" but impatience got the better of me - you seem to have remarkable self control!

I just can't believe what a stressful experience this was just to buy a new tv. Came very close to buying a plasma - had credit card in hand but thankfully sanity dragged me (kicking & screaming) back from the edge just in time!

Still not 100% I made the right choice - but then if I had the PD30 sitting in my front room i'm sure I'd be thinking just the same - you pays yer money.....

Cynthia 7

Hi Hem,

I so agree with you that it is a stressful experience buying a new television. I have sleepless nights about it; as for self control I have been so desperate to have a new 36" tv I actually rang Peter Martin to order the large Aconda then put the phone down while it was ringing. I liked the idea of their engineers delivering the tv, erecting the stand, setting it up with all connections and doing it properly. One of the posts on this forum said they took about two hours, making sure the picture was perfect etc. Oh for that sort of service from everyone! I also came close to buying a plasma tv, then comments like "screen burn" etc. came to mind.

How did I miss your Philips posts earlier this month? I always gravitate to any that mention Philips 9618. I have made a note of your e-mail from Philips and the website for Downloads and Troubleshooting. I am going to e-mail Philips to see if there is a price reduction in the 1.5 generation of Pixel Plus. I doubt if they will tell me but it was mentioned on the Home Cinema site that they would still be producing these, but cheaper prices. I suspect it is only for the 32" models as I see these reduced now on sites as Mega Deals. As soon as I know I shall get my 36PW9618. I see a post from Finland in the Pixel Plus 2 thread, he is buying a 36PW9618 too.

From what I have read I assume all the other speakers of your 9618 are on board with only the wireless rear speakers are separate. I have rejected most televisions because they weren't Dolby Digital yet I don't want the usual home cinema system as I don't like the look of it! Only a woman would think like that maybe! Do keep us informed of your experiences with this television. Good luck it is a good one.

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