Philips 9000S DCDI not working! (with request)



I have the Philips 9000S now for 4 weeks, but the DCDI chip is not working trough component, this is very strange. I changed the player already in the shop, and that player had the same problem on some tv's and projectors. (not on all the salesman said) I use a beamer ofcourse, and when component video is used the internal deintelacer is set OFF automaticly so the Philips DCDI could do the job. But it doest, When I set DCDI in the menu to ON its the same picture as OFF! (jiggers and jaggers in my screen an old dvd player did a better job!) Now Philips is working to solve this problem, I have contact thru mail and by phone. I also said to them that the compartibility by dvd+r is not very good, and thats it has little problems with burned cd's. So hopefully they will make a firmware update to solve these problems. Could you people check when you use component or HDMI/ DVI if there is any difference in picture quility when you set DCDI on or off. (less jiggers and jaggers in the screen) and set it on this forum?


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I cant really say that I have tried the DCDi. But the thing with your DVD-+R having problem reading them. Change the media and upgrade ur burner to a newer one if neccesary. Verbatim media is exelent! I dun have any problem with DVD-R or DVD+R. I use Nec 3520 for burning.

Shall check the DCDi when time comes ;)
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