Philips 75 Gone Back


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As I've posted before I had to take my first Philips 75 back due to poor PQ. Well I've now taken the second one back as well, Pixel break up ect:mad: . So I decided to pay the extra and get a Panasonic HS2 multi region, only to find that when playing my daughters R1 Finding Nemo (no comments please JJ.:D ) I had lines across the screen from corner to corner. So I disconnected it from my Panny TV and tried it on my Hitachi plasma same thing happened. So that's gone back as well, I don't know if it's down to who ever does the multi region work for RS or something else but all three recorders have had problems. I'll leave it a few months and maybe try one of the new Panasonics.



Philips suggestions: Doesn't like the media you were using, or recorder getting too hot (eg above amp.), or not recording at the compression setting you think you are (it's very easy to do by mistake).


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Hi ancientgeek, thanks for your reply. Everything you mentioned in your post I'd already checked, and it was on a shelf on it's own with no heat source under it. I had also done a successful firmware upgrade that Philips had send me. I'm now waiting to see what the next gen of recorders will be like.


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