Philips 72# vs DVDR7300H


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If you hate Philips with a passion you need look no further

I've been looking at the spec for the new Philips DVDR7300H (avail soon around £350)

I obviously haven't got the machine so I scrutinised the manual to see the difference between DVDR7300H and my HDRW720 / DVDR725

+ I paid £450 (reduced from £550) so at £350ish seems like a bargain already whether it's improved or not

Looks very similar

+ increased drive to 250gig (400gig is only for priviledge of living outside the UK - seems we don't deserve it / can't afford it)

- Still no digituner ????? - should've had at least 2 - (I imagine it must have analogue for Guide+ to work)


+ Prog Scan

+ Pixel Plus picture enhancments (I have 32" Pixel Plus tv so I should benefit fro any enhancments although i doesn't say what to expect)

+ Records -R and/or + R

+ Records Dual layer

+ Added Better Search to Guideplus EPG - (MyTV/Channels/Genre/Keywords), Keyword search (i.e. "columbo" were suppose to be included in the 720 but never were + Search conditions can be saved, so you don't have to keep typing the same stuff in over n over

+ Looks like they fixed OK button

- Still No re-encode > DVD

- Still can't set encoding per recording (Not fussed about re-encoding to DVD but it should've included this)

- Still No recording built-in DVD > HD (you can still record external DVD > HD - and I still don't get it?)

- Still No recording direct > DVD (Not that I'd ever want to)

- Max Burn speed x2 (unless i've misunderstood it - that's far too slooooooooooooow)

Does EPG recognise what's playing on Ext tuner? (Important ommision on 720 and it doesn't say whether they fixed it. All it needs to do is recognise the channel and x/refernce that with the EPG - not rocket science)

Can only burn one title at a time ??????? (Crazy unless again I've misunderstood, particularly if it can only burn @ x2, on 720 you can 'Select'' as many as you like before the burn)

Max FF x 32 (was upgraded on 720 to x256 but i never used it, I always use 'skip' for anything over x8)

Resume Play on HD titles ? (It specifies resume play on DVD's but not on HD, that said it wasn't mentioned in 720 manual either but a huge feature if it's missing)

- Doesn't support wma (there will be a massive growth area here and they should've took the opportunity, after all my Pioneer (dare i say it) Car CD does)

- Still can't merge titles
+ Supports JPEGS / Make Slideshows (Hooraaaaaaaay, sorely missing from 720, i had to keep 2 machines just for this)

+ Added random play on CD/MP3 (Excellent, particular for MP3, I have a couple of MP3/CDR's I could play for the rest of my life if'n they were random. It doesn't say whether mp3 are supported on DVDR, then one disc is all i'd ever need :eek:)

+ Increased programming slots from measly 12 up to 25 (more like it, can't figure out why it can't be 250, wassa diff?)


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