Philips 70PUS6724/12, darker objects flicker?


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Hello everyone! First time posting here.

I just got the 70pus6724/12 this week which is apparently the same as 6704 and 6754 but different colour. I keep reading about the judder problem and Im not sure if this goes to the same category or is this a different problem, but:

When there is darker objects in the screen and the camera is panning for example, the darker objects flicker and it drives me crazy. Good example where it is very noticeable is Our Planet, ep.1 One Planet on Netflix around 43:45 mark when the camera pans to the right and there is icebergs and darker mountains in the back and the darker mountains flicker as soon as the panning starts.

I thought it might be a hdr problem but it was the same when I tried with the PS4 Netflix app hdr turned off. And this problem exists in the TV Netflix app.

Is this a general problem or is it just my tv?

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