Philips 65OLED984 owners thread

Greetings all. I'm currently in the market for a new OLED, and this shop in my country (Denmark) has a great discount (~1600 usd, price now is 3000 usd) for the Philips 65OLED984 running until mid May (or until the stock is emptied).
Never owned an OLED before. I mostly intend to use it for movies and shows, not so much for gaming. Maybe a casual NBA match here and there.
I'm aware that it's an older model without HDMI 2.1. However, it does have a built-in 3-piece soundbar from Bowers & Wilkins, a 4-sided ambilight, and from little reviews that I could find online, it seems to be a rather good OLED tv.

But, before I make that final decision, maybe there's someone here who owns/owned this tv, and could share their thoughts about it? Should I go for it or stay away? Would like to hear some experiences.
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Is it possible to connect the Bower & Wilkins sound bar to something other than the Philips TV?


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Hi all, am a new owner of Philips 65OLED984. Bought it for less than 2000GBP/2300EUR in Singapore (after discount vouchers). Just surprised to notice here that there is not a lot of actual owner or shared experience on this particular model. It was quite expensive when launched over a year ago. I am coming from an LG 55EG910T curved OLED TV which served me well for 6 years before it died.

4 things I particularly like about the Philips 65OLED984:

1. Ambilight - I had this in my previous flat screen, and did not have this for a long time with my LG OLED (which I attached a LED strip for bias). Hence, I missed proper Ambilight, and now is a good time to have it again. As some people here mentioned, once you tried it, hard to live without it.

2. Motion - some people do not like ultra-smooth "soap opera" effect, but that is something my wife and I really like, dating back to the first generation "Pixel plus" of Philips back when there are no flatscreen yet, but big CRTs. I find the motion processing of Philips suited to our family preference.

3. Once you go OLED, hard to choose non-OLED. So am taking another OLED and with bigger size. By the way, chose this over LG and Panasonic OLED because they are missing the...

4. B&W integrated speaker system for the win!!! You have to hear it to really appreciate how good the sound quality is, even for various needs (Movie, sports, gaming, etc). Wall mounted them, and just looks very premium.

Others might need HDMI2.1, ARR, VLL, etc. These are features I don't need, or see needing in the next few years. So if you need them, you can look elsewhere.



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For owners of 65OLED984, has anyone already used the manual image refresher from the menu? I read from several LG related discussions that it’s good to run it after every 2000hrs or 1year (and NOT MORE frequently), but not sure for Philips OLED TV.


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Or even for other Philips OLED TV models 804/934/xx4 before the anti burn-in feature was implemented.

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