Philips 65OLED804 - Android Smart TV - Netflix App - Insidious behaviour?


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I have an Nvidia Shield TV (2017) that I use for media streaming and casual gaming; it's connected via HDMI first to a Sony STR-DN1080 multichannel receiver and then through to a Philips 65OLED804 TV.

The Shield acts as the media head for all my video and audio streaming, whether it's a privately owned collection stored on a NAS, files shared from a USB stick or from online services like Netflix, for which I have a subscription. The TV is just a dumb (but quite beautiful 😍) screen so far as my setup is concerned.

I seem to get better results (picture quality and connection stability) by streaming downloaded content from the NAS when compared to using the Android TV apps built into the Shield, so tend to do things that way if I can find the content available to download elsewhere.

Last night I was watching an old Netflix Originals show (that I'd downloaded ages ago) when without warning, in the middle of the show, the TV switched from the HDMI input to the built-in Smart TV platform and displayed a rolling advert encouraging me to sign up for a Netflix subscription! 😮

My question is: What do we think caused this please?

It occurs to me that perhaps the Netflix app built into the Philips Smart TV platform (which is not signed into my account because I don't use it) has been monitoring the content being delivered on the HDMI input from the Nvidia Shield TV and decided that it had a right to interrupt my viewing to encourage me to sign up to Netflix.

If this is true, it's really quite insidious, perhaps even illegal? 🤔

I'd appreciate getting your views on this and hearing whether anyone else has experienced similar behaviour.


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No, that's not how it works.

The simples 2 explanations would be:
(1) the TV has received the Netflix command from its own remote control because the button was accidentally pressed (maybe by your butt cheek 'cause you were accidentally sitting on the RC ;) )
(2) the TV has received a rogue command from another RC that was interpreted as the Netflix command that the Netflix quick launch button emits
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Thanks for sharing your thoughts @l00pu5 .

(1) I use a Harmony universal RC and have not set up a Netflix button on it, so even if I had sat on the remote (not something I've ever done to my knowledge), it couldn't have activated the Philips TV's Netflix app.

(2) There are no other RCs in my lounge, I only use the Harmony one and so there is no way that any other remote could've interacted with the TV.
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