Philips 6526 wireless rears problems

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by steev, Jul 15, 2002.

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    We just got this set from Box Stupid to replace the old Hitachi we rented that they could not seem to fix. The Philips looks flash with it's flat screen, but I'm not really taken by the fat silver border. I think black is better, but it seems that silver is the new black.

    Anyway, the set came with the wireless rears. It's very convenient and tidy to have no cable running around the room, but I'm concerned by some of the odd noises we get. Once is a while it just makes a short, load crackle. I guess it could be some local interference. Changing the frequency setting has made no difference so far. Is it something we have to live with?

    In the longer term I should be getting a decent receiver/speaker package so the TV sound will be irrelevant.

    Another annoyance with the Philips is it's tendency to switch to 'Hall Surround' mode where everything comes through the rears. I guess is aimed at the same people who want their widescreen filled all the time regardless of the source aspect ratio. They will want all their speakers working all the time as well. I prefer the Pro Logic mode and will happily watch 4:3 broadcasts with borders.

    I think we can live with this set for now. Especially as we get it cheap for historical reasons.


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