Philips 55OLED806 Sonos(?) Sound Issue (NOT ARC Related)


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I have had a quick read of the current topics, I find lots of issues with Sonos ARC with Apple and a few others, but my issue seems to be slightly different

Brief set up description:
PlayStation 5 and Sky Q UHD Box via HDMI (UHD inputs) to Philips 55OLED806 to Sonos Playbar via Optical
(Playbar then connected to Sonos Sub and 2x play 1 but suspect that is irrelevant)

TV Sounds settings:
Internal Speakers off
Output set as Multichannel Output (sometimes bypass, which seems to be no different in terms of output of sound)

When using the internal Video apps such as Disney and Netflix
When I play a video after selection the sound is muted (green status light on playbar)
Adjusting sonos volume does nothing
(Note sound CAN be heard during the preview when searching for a video to watch)

Change TV settings from Multichannel output (+/-bypass) to Stereo uncompressed PCM. Sound is then heard in stereo
Change back to a multichannel output. Sound continues now in 5.1.

Often when changing to another video, or autoplay sound again mutes and have to follow above steps.
If seems to be any video, whether labelled Atmos or standard DD. Each time having to adjust the TV settings

Source from external

Anyone experienced similar or have a solution

Another gripe, but less frustrating
When I select "search software update" receive "No updates" as expected
BUT, then the TV speakers are activated as well as sound via sonos
However in TV settings remain set as Speakers off
So to remedy I have to enable and disable again the internal speakers


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Thanks for that.
So the new firmware is installed today.

The specific issue now fixed with the inbuilt apps, they now produce sound without faffing....
But not the sky q box, connected via hdmi doesn't produce sound unless I mess about with the settings as before... So now much worse in my use case


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Does the Sky Q box have an optical out? If so could you hook it straight up to your Playbar and do all your app streaming via the Q box? Then it’d just be a matter of disabling the TV speakers.

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