Question Philips 55OLED805 vs LG OLED55CX


I think I've narrowed my choice to these two options but would appreciate the opinions of people here? It sounds like they both have an excellent picture and I use external speakers for sound, so it comes down to some of the other features.

Reasons I may prefer the Philips:
  • It has full UK catchup (the LG does not - if it wasn't for this I would probably choose the LG right away)
  • Ambilight (I already have lots of Hue lights (e.g. the Bloom) so like the idea of syncing those to the TV)
  • Is currently £100 cheaper
Reasons I may prefer the LG:
  • Much lower input lag and HDMI 2.1 (I currently only game on TV with a Switch but that may change and I feel the LG is more future-proof)
  • I've seen user reviews saying that the Philips forces you to do a screen refresh every 4 hours. Is this true? Is it necessary? It seem like it could be very annoying. How does the LG handle the risk of screen burn?
Anything else I should consider with these two TVs?



Input lag is low enough on all TVs, shouldn't need to worry unless you are a competitive gamer.
I think the Philips has a warning that comes up requesting you turn the TV for its refresh, but as far as I know its not forced.

Both work the same way with burn in prevention features, cycle is performed every 4 hours if the TV is off, they dim automatically if there are static elements. They have pixel shift. The LG does have a feature to dim just the logos themselves rather than the entire screen though.


Thanks for this info! It probably leans me more towards the Philips.

LG may get UK catchup some time in the future but there's no guarantee of that so I think it'd be unwise to assume it was coming.

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