Philips 55” 4K horizontal black/darkened lines


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Hi. I hope someone has some idea to what is going on. I’ve got a Philips 55 inch 4K tv. About 3 years old. I noticed recently that I’m getting line horizontally from top to bottom. They are very consistently apart from each other. At first I thought they were black lines but in the photos I’ve attached you’ll see that when zoomed in the lines are lit but are darker than they should. These lines start normal on the left side then start to fade darker all the way to the right side.

Does anyone know what could be going on with it. I have already had the tv apart and used alcohol run and cleaned all the removable ribbon cables and clean the ends and connector points. This made no difference at all.

one pic is left side so looks normal. Second pic is right side so the lines are clearly visible. Third pic is zoomed in a lot to the point you can see the three colours that make up each pixel.

Any thoughts??


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