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I have a 55" UHD HDTV and I have my PLAYSTATION4 on it and some of the large text in the games look rigid and the picture quality doesn't look perfect, I think in the TV settings I put "wide" as my setting, how can I fix the picture quality? what settings should I do? close up features in my games look distorted and blurred and kinda rigid,


you need to be more specific than "rigid"

That being said:

1.) Change the picture mode to "game"
2.) Go into the settings and change various basic settings like:

Colour 50
Brightness 50
Sharpness 0

3.) Turn off all the unnecessary advanced settings, things like:

Dynamic contrast
Dynamic colour
Motion styles
Ultra resolution
"noise" reduction options


4.) Change your colour gamut to normal... The only time it should be "wide" should be when it's displaying an HDR image, and that should switch automatically anyway. Under custom colour temperature you'll want it to be set to "warm" to be the most accurate, but "accurate" doesn't necessarily equal "best" if you don't like how it looks.


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Thank you, on the uhdtv under picture format there is only automatic, 4:3, full, and zoom, should I pick full for it to fit the screen? oh anf by rigid some big think text on the edges look a bit rigid jagged even on characters and teeth and anything shiny look too bright and flickering just a bit.
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