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I have a Philips 43PUS8506 TV (supposedly MVA matrix).
The TV set to the factory settings, unfortunately, leaves a lot to be desired in terms of the image. It is especially visible in dark scenes where the picture looks tragic. Instead of a smooth color transition, there are huge black spots, etc.

I had the previous model, i.e. 8535 and 7304, and in them the factory image was much better, especially the dark scenes. On the previous ones, it was also much easier and better to calibrate the image.

As for the 8506, I tried various settings from the Internet (internet forums, youtube etc.) and after using them the image is much better, while the improvement of dark scenes still leaves much to be desired.

Is there anyone willing and able to help with some better calibration settings?
I will be very grateful.



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I've got this TV, I picked out the settings being shared in the 8505 thread. There is a spreadsheet in there to help with MVA calibration but I've not tried it yet.

I'm finding the picture good, but I've got two big nasty vertical bands and the view angle is pretty bad (which is MVA, so I guess that is what it is).

I've got it as a stop gap, so I'm ploughing on though. Had a TV break and needed something with many HDMI inputs, so couldn't wait for the 936 to hit in 48".

Banding is only really a thing on app backgrounds like Disney+ menus. Bit sad, but sitting bang on and playing on the Xbox, it's really good.


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Hi everybody.
I also have the 43PUS8506 TV (in my case it is the 8556, but I think that it is only a change in color). Have you made any progress with the calibration?

Thank you!


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Hi, you may find the any updates 8505 thread useful. The TV seem very similar apart from a switch to a Mediatek Soc for hdmi 2.1 and better out of the box experience. Read from around page 112 as it does have a handy xlsx sheet with a converter section for working out a calibrated program100 65pus to an equivalent screen with MVA like ours.

Your first port of call is to go to picture settings and find out what your warm factory preset is as each screen is set unique at the factory. You can use this is calculated section to work out D65 and D75 equivalent setting based of the pro gamer one.

Of note , I found for HDR and Dolby option and HLG ( Use YouTube HLG samples as you cannot have BBC iPlayer open and tweak the HLG settings in it at present ), that keeping the gamma to 0 rather than 4 gave a nice picture with sharpening turned off and reducing processing option too. Finally also for HDR and HLG setting HDR Plus to minimum to medium as that kept the tone mapping in order.

Have attached the file I used with programmer latest settings. Your find ISF Day and Night useful. Just remember on the latter to use custom as otherwise it will wipe out your Warm settings.

Other than that I did find with my contacts in and for me that motion on and with pure cinema or move irritated my eyes and gave me eye strain turning this off helped.


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Hopefully this maybe use to people appologise for the pdf, but the site does not play well with .xlsx format for some reason. My latest setting are the last two columns in the file.


  • mva_pus85__ (1) (1).pdf
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Thank you so much for the reply. From what I know (and can tell from viewing angles), my TV is an MVA panel. I am unsure on how to know what is my warm configuration (D65 or D75), need to investigate that.

I have tried some of these configurations, most of them providing a sort of green tint to the image, so maybe I am not setting something correctly. Your advice on movement and HDR adjustments, just great.

I really need to tune the TV properly. I find the default picture settings kind of annoying, to be honest (unless for Dolby Vision, which looks superb), which is very surprising as my last TV was a very low-end 43-inch 300$ TCL with an edge-led panel.


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On the settings go to All settings, then Picture settings, now the best ones to tweaks to seems ISF Day and ISF Night. They kind of give a hint to their use. Day viewing and night time viewing.

Your find the Color temperature settings under the Advanced Menu and then Colour and then select Colour Temperature warm, now go back up to Whitepoint Alignment. Then you will want to go into the 2 point menu.

Here it will have the factory set values. Don't worry if you don't like the tweak you can reset the the values back to factory by pressing red button on your remote.

You should see something like Red - WP : 127

Green - WP

Blue - WP.

Write down the values you use as your need them for converting them to progammer100 equivalent 2p values for our MVA panels.

Hope that is of some help.

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