Question Philips 43pus6754 - 43pus6554 - have support for 2k resolution for PC connection?

Does anybody use 43pus6554 or 43pus6504 or 43pus6754 connected to PC?
I can't find anywhere if the TV supports 2k (1440p) resolution.
In manual it just shows support for 1k and 4k, I'm thinking of using it as a PC monitor for work purpose.
(I'm between LG 43um7450 (has native 2k support) and possibly Philips 43pus6754 or 43pus6554)

If any of you have a setup like this can you try a native or forced 2k resolution from pc on your philips 43pus6554/6504 or 43pus6754? (or in general does philips uhd tvs support forced or native 2k resolution for pc connection?)

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