Question Philips 43PUS6301/12 (43" Ambilight) - Smart remote voice control not working


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Hi all,

Whilst the TV did not come with a smart remote, I have eventually got hold of a remote with a voice control button. The TV does not have a microphone build into the body.

When I press the voice control button, it brings up Google Assistant, however, the TV cannot hear me. This is the same if I use the Youtube voice search.

I initially put this down to being the fault of the remote control but then I downloaded a microphone test app. In the microphone test app, I can quite clearly hear my voice via the mic on the remote control. This would suggest that the remote is working fine and the fault is with the TV.

Out of interest, I also connected a set of Bluetooth headphones with a mic input. Again, the same results, Google assistant/YT voice search cannot hear me but I can hear my voice using the microphone test app.

I have enable all of the microphone permissions in the Android settings, as well as going through and enabling as many permissions I can see that might be relevant.

The TV is running all the latest updates (it updated to Android 8 in April) and it has storage memory free when I look in the Android settings.

Is there any other suggestions anyone can give to get voice control working?

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