philips 42pfl7862d

just got this tv today :thumbsup: in last 24 months ive had the following

toshiba wlt66
panisonic px70
sony w3000
lg 42lb1d
and a TOSHIBA 40XF355DB took back after 1 day
SAMSUNG LE40M87BDX/XEU also took back

out of the above the panny was a country mile ahead on SD sources and none of rest came close,but thats no suprise given its a plasma :rotfl: but seen as though im a big gamer and had all sorts of problems with it,i tried to find the best all round tv (which i never till now :D)

the philips is great connected via hmdi to virgin media,stunning with the ps3 and 360 elite,blue rays are out of this world.

the look of the tv is pleasing to the eye and the unit is very light for a 42" tv,the remote is also very nice,long and slim with a white plastic case and silver panel which has a few backlit buttons and on a whole is well laid out.

im watching underworld on sky movies as i type this and picture is so blooming fantastic :eek: some channels are not as good but thats to be expected .there is no smear,ghosting,juddering,banding,no artifacts just a great picture.

gaming- on this set is a joy,never have my games looked so good and sharp.

blu ray -these films look so much nicer on this set than any other i have tried.

sound - the built in speakers are ok for normal viewing but too weak for films,games etc

im glad i have finaly found a tv im happy with :thumbsup:

build quality = 8/10
looks = 8/10
sound = 6.5/10
picture sd =9/10
picture hd =10/10
ps3 =10/10
360 =9/10
connectivity =8.5/10
wii (not tried it yet)
pc (not tried)

overall given its price of £999 id have to give it a 9.5/10

cheers paul


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I have had the 32" version of this just over a week now everything i watch on it is so clear and no ghosting at all.
Gaming through my x-box 360 looks and plays superb.
im suprised more ppl on here dont have one of these sets :)
well what a suprise :rolleyes: i find a lcd i love and its gone pear shaped :thumbsdow i was having all kinds of hdmi problems with hdcp everything was fine until i turned tv off last night and back on this morning.such a shame as sd veiwing was the best i have ever seen on lcd or plasma :( so it was returned today and i replaced it with the lg 42fl75 after all the good reviews its been getting,but to my dissapointment the sd is no where near as good,i just cant seem to find the right settings for sd via hdmi on virgin media , at best it looks very average,ps3 and 360 look awesome as does hd content.does anyone have one of these yet? wouldnt mind some suggestions for setting up to get a good picture :)


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This set has good feedback, and I particularly like the USB facility for photos from a memory stick.

I have a question on display formatting.
We watch quite a lot of old TV in SD and which was made in 4:3 format and I like to watch this stuff on a 16:9 TV set to 14:9 which loses very little of the picture top and bottom and makes better use of the screen area. So my question is:
Can the Philips 7862 be set so that 4:3 transmissions automatically switch to 14:9 and 16:9 transmissions switch to 16:9 (line 23 signal).
Sonys do this with the following settings:
Autoformat ON
Auto 4:3 OFF
then select 14:9 during a 4:3 transmission.
ITV3 (Freeview 10) is a good source for 4:3 broadcasts.

I've downloaded the 7862 manual and on page 17 'Movie expand 14:9' seems to do the trick for 4:3. But then does switching between 14:9 and 16:9 happen automatically depending on the transmission coding? I just don't want to hav to press the buttons to change formats.
I've emailed Philips but they are so slow to reply.

Many thanks to anyone who can clear this up for me.

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