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Philips 42PF9965 with tuner box and LX9000r - complex or what?

Discussion in 'Philips TVs Forum' started by Orbitalzone, May 24, 2005.

  1. Orbitalzone


    Feb 23, 2002
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    I've just been to see if I could simplify the operation of the following equipment:

    Philips 42PF9965 with tuner box (not sure of model, but it has 4 scarts)
    Philips LX9000R DVD/ Surround system
    Sky digibox
    JVC VHS video.

    This was all supplied by John Lewis but they wouldn't set it up as it was out of their area. A local company installed the Sky at same time and set it all up for them, took ages and while he did a good job, it wasn't easy to use.

    So I tried out the gear, all the items go into the tuner box, the LX9000R DVD was connected to AV3 on the tuner box.

    So Sky TV scart went into tuner box AV1
    DVD LX9000r to tuner box AV2
    VHS video scart when to tuner box AV3
    I connected Sky VCR scart to DVD recorder AV2 (albeit in composite, I know,,, but it provided a simpler way to record from Sky)

    Trying to figure out the 'right' way to connect all this lot up so it worked simply seemed incredibly hard, the tuner box almost has a mind of it's own, trying to record Sky to DVD seemed far harder than it should be (I connected a scart from Sky VCR scart to DVD scart 2 to at least make recording simpler) and getting the surround sound to come on with the right image source seemed hard, often another image popped up (different channel) at worst it was out of sync due to the 'wrong' video channel being displayed, (the right image but delayed due to plasma processing I guessed) hitting a few buttons seemed to kick it all back into shape, hardly state of the art though.

    The user manauls show no useful way to set up all this gear, the tuner box gets about 3 pages mentioned, the DVD tells us how to record everything under the sun( VCD, SVCD and really unusefull stuff) except how (In plain English) to select the right AV channel or such like.... I don't think pressing 'Sat' button for 1 second is really that intuitive when trying to record from Sky onto DVD? there seemed no logic to this gear.

    OK, I'll stop ranting now, it just seems that Philips make all this gear and have no info on setting it up with one another, I can appreciate that they can't cover all combinations, but surely if you get a £2,900 plasma and a £1000 home DVD recoder surround system, they should include a single page of how a typical UK person might need to hook up his Sky (or cable) to this gear.

    I used to set up AV gear (no plasmas) and never ever had any problems like this and I did it for 15 years! -

    On the plus side, the Plasma gave fair results from normal viewing distance, still about 50% crappier than my Sony KV28FX20 old 50Hz TV but that's another story.....

    thanks for reading... anyone with any comments on how best to hook that lot up so it works simply, much appreciated, this person used to use the Sky remote to do almost everything except program the VHS!

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