Philips 42PF9831D Owners hints and tips ?



Dear All

Just order a 42PF9831D from Dixons online for £2200.43 inc delivery !

This is my first venture into flat screen TV's hope im not dissapointed !

I have sky+ and a HDTV capable PC (7900gt gfx card), wireless lan and a Fuli F30 digital camera, all of which I am hoping to pipe into the TV.

Any help on good cables, best connections to use that sort of thing would be a help, I know nothing much about getting the best from the set, apart from what I've read in the manual, TV arrives Thurday !!!!

The PC side of things sounds interesting, streaming to the TV, and cant wait to play far cry at 720p, but don't think the D Sud connection will take this ?

Any help and advice you could give would be great

Thanks in advance



Forgot to mention, need a good upscaling dvd player as well around £250, region free of course.


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Hi Wilbo, Dixons cost is £2571 so you obviously have used promo codes to reduce cost. What ones did you use? Philips is a cracking looking tv with good picture quality but a lot of people deride the brand because of the problems overall and poor service response from Philips. However, I am still tempted by the 9831 or possibly 9731 soon to be released. Either that or I get something from the Sony stable (despite everything Sony I have bought over the last 5-6 years breaking down on me). You pays your money you takes your chance!



Bought mine when the price was £2346 think this was a pricew match with Empire Direct, who have also put there price up on friday, Dixons went up £350 today, hence my some what rushed purchase on Saturday !!!!!!!

Not sure about the forum rules, so wont post the actual codes

I got 5% off and free delivery !

Have a look at and search for Dixons

Hope that helps.


Ho Humm

How crap can Dixons be, well they cant even manage to keep their online system, online !!!

Was a bit worried that I had not had a phone call to arrange the delivery tomorrow, so I rang them, "yes sir, all taken care of, some one will call later today tro arrange tomorrows delivery" this was 4.00pm.

5.00pm ring ring, "hello sir, there was a faulty with or online ordering system, we cant delvery your set untill monday" what ? but I just phone an hour ago and everything was fine ! "sorry sir thursday and friday are now fully booked up".

Suppose I should have said, that it was there problem to sort out, not mine, but you only think of these things afterwards.

The stupid thing is I only live 1 mile from there main distribution centre !

Glad i haven't got shares in that group, online shopping is all about low prices , having the kit in stock and fast delivery, if they want to stop in business that is !

Time for a new CEO I think !!!!

Good job I got a really good price, or that would be one canceled order.

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