Philips 42PF9831D/10 or Pio PDP-427XD??


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Hi Guys

I am at present looking at buying a 42" Panel for the TV room. Was looking at Plasma at first. I went to Atlantic2U showroom as I am getting them to install the whole package and work with my builder. I will have the following feeds to it. Sky (HD and SD), Bose Lifestyle 35 and HTPC.

Had a look at the Pio PDP-436XDE and was pretty comfortable with that until saw the Philips demo'd to me. The picture was absolutely stunning. As a large amount of my TV input will be SD and DVD(Not HD), the picture was very crisp and sharp. The same DVD on the Pioneer was not that clear. The HD picture was brilliant too.

I was advised that the Sony Bravia panels are not as good as the Philips. Is this correct?

As this is my first panel, I am not sure what to look out for about absolutely blacks etc on a test. So now, I am little confused. I thought the Philips was absolutely brilliant and was going to buy that until I read the views of other people. I have read the review about the Philips in the magazines and they are absolutely behind it.

The other benefit of going for an LCD for me is that as my 8 year old will be watching Cartoon Network on this TV, there will be no issue of screen burn mark with the CN logo.

Any happy Philips owners out there?? Should I go with it?



Hopes this helps.

I've just recieved my 42PF9831D and it is very good.

Like you HD is still a way off for me, so I'm mainly watching SD and upscaled DVD's.

Movies and normal TV from my Sky Box is pretty good, depending on the original broadcast, most things like day time TV are very impressive, easily the best quality SD pictures I have seen on a large panel display, there is very little colour banding, no ghosting and very few mpeg issues at all, in fact its only if you press the pause button you can see the flaws in the picture. Odd things do catchit out though, like people walking past stripes in the back ground, but in 3 days viewing only seen this happen once.

Some of good broadcasts might just pass as HD from a distance !!!!

HD is truely superb (via my PC) its almost like looking through a window, which is just as well as the set just about fills the windows its in front of at the moment.

The only not so good aspect is the dynamic contrast, over brightening dark images and bleaching white areas out, and there is also minor amount of vertical banding in very dark backgrounds, but this could be because I have been messing with the set up because I didn't notice it until today, in very dark backgrounds you can see vertical black and very faint almost black stripes.

I still haven't got the PC side of it sorted, but I have got the resolution up to 1280 x 768 over the HDMI connection, but dual view on Nvidia cards has always been a bit of a black art, so far it looks like you cant have native resolution via a pc.

But like I mentioned at the start, with a good SD picture quality and superb HD quality, then who cares !!!!!

Mind you not so sure I would be this happy if I had paid £3500 instead of £2200, you got to love the net for bargins some times.


you should pay atention to philips(only on the market)tehnologies such as natural motion;pixel plus(i think in this model is revision 3 hd);some mpg correction and the philips colors if you see the tv you know what i mean.
Even at the cinema the picture flickers at the motions and when you see same movie on the natural motion it isnt flickers but fluid movement.Pixel plus when the picture isn't soo moving is the best improvement in the picture in the world,but if there is moving picture is losing the "pixelness"(definition;sharpnes)and it is easy to catch this.Last revision i was able to see was pixel plus 2.Natural motion when the movement is too fast sometime flikers but it is rarely situation:tenis,hockay or other sport with fast moving and tiny object.Maybe pixel plus 3 hd change the things you should decide but pay atention to the movement qualities of the natural motion and pixel plus 3 hd adding definition/sharpnes qualities when you will decide.In your skin i'll buy the philips

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