Philips 42PF9830 vs Samsung LE40M61B



Hi guys!
I have a big doubt... What LCD should I buy?
Philips 42PF9830 with a 1920x1080p resolution screen and 4000:1 contrast or Samsung LE40M61B with a 1366x768 resolution screen but 5000:1 contrast.
I have not be able to compare the both of them together at the same time. Can anybody help me?

Is 5000:1 much better than 4000:1 ??

Thank you.


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I've seen both of those sets, unfortunately not at the same time, nor next to eachother sharing the same feed.
The Samsung M61B (51B is sure not the same!) seemed to have the better picture (incredible contrast and blacks as I never saw in LCDTV before), but since I saw the Philips in less favourable circumstances I am not real sure about the Philips .
I can tell you that both sets look incredible.
It'll probably come down to the fact wether you need all the nice extra features the Philips has.
The Philips is almost twice as expensive in my country.
I will most probably go for the Philips because ethernet connection is important to me (expensive or not). Also the philips has more connections and of course a 1920x1080 panel.
For SD feed only that should be of no importance though.
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