Philips 42PF9830 vs. Philips 37PF9731


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Hi All,

Need your advice between the 2 models of Philips. I ask this as both are now available at around same price 3500euros :-( . Infact 42PF9830 is cheaper by 200 euros.

Spec wise 37PF9831 looks like a step up in many departments. Contrast ratio 6000:1 in 37PF9731 vs. 4000:1 in 42PF9830. Response time 3 ms in 37PF9731 vs. 8 ms in 42PF9830. 2 HDMI 37PF9731 vs. 1 in 42PF9830. Pixel Plus 3 37PF9731 vs. Pixel Plus 2 in 42PF9830. I guess other than these there aren't much to write home about.

Confused which one will make better choice. 37PF9731 being new commands quite a premium and hopefully prices will drop.

I want to make the purchase in next couple of weeks so appreciate if you have personal experience with any of the model and which one you would prefer if prices were same.

Thanks a lot.


The Old Camper

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37PF9731 is of a newer generation compared to 42PF9830 so it should be better >> look for threads about 37PF9731

However it is smaller, so if you really want 37PF9731 specs in 42" you should wait for the 42PF9731

Good luck!


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thanks Old camper.

Price of 42PF9731 is way high around 5000 euros. Hence the dilemna that at the same price point which one of 37PF9731 or 42PF9830 really makes good sense (?). I have read Chambeaj's review of 37PF9731 which is excellent endorsement. However I would like to know vis-a-vis 42PF9830 if 37PF9731 deserves to command the premium. Here in Germany 42PF9830 is 200 euros cheaper than 37PF9731. Not much really, but does it make sense to go for a smaller TV when 42" can be had cheaper ?


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