Philips 42PF5421 - Someone please help!!!!



Didn't know where exactly to post this questions so i apologise if it's in the wrong place.

If someone can shed any light on this problem i think i will marry them because i am at my witts end!

I have a Philips 42PF5421 42" LCD TV and i am hooking it up to my pc to use as a media centre pc. I had my pc working no problem through the tele using a 1m dvi to hdmi cable earlier this year and was running at full 1080p resolution...stay with me...I know want to move the pc upstairs out of the way and have purchased a 15m hdmi to hdmi cable and a dvi to hdmi converter so that i can run the cable upstairs problems begin!

With the new cable connected i cannot get the tv to run at anything higher than 800x600 resolution? obvisouly the cable faulty then you say, took the cable to a friends house and connected it up and hey presto no problems at all!....he uses a hdmi out graphics card so only thing different is adapter....adapter faulty then? wrong....came home and used a 1m hdmi to hdmi cable using the adapter and works perfectly!! keep reading please....

So what is causing my problems? signal loss on the 15m cable? why did it work at my mates house then? ATI 9800pro not working properly? why does it work fine with a dvi to hdmi cable then? drivers? loaded the latest cataylst and no change?

what on gods earth could be wrong??? i am desperate for any help you can suggest.....i tried powerstrip too and still nothing....if i set resolution to anything higher than 800x600 screen flickers and becomes unstable...

Oh tried a 32mb matrox card and did see a slight improvement but still not stable enough....strange!!! on boot up i get pink screen with black artifacts!!!


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